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28th October – Bristolcon

Details tbc


25th May – A Fantasy Discussion of Epic Proportions at Waterstones Piccadilly. Join me, Ed Cox, Mark de Jager, Rebecca Levene and Nicholas Eames for an evening of chat and shenanigans.

27th/28th of May – MCM London ComicCon. I’m very excited to be on a couple of panels at ComicCon this year. If you’re there, do come along to say hello, and remember I’m always happy to sign books!

My ComicCon schedule:

Powerful Women in Pop Culture: For year’s now popular culture has lead the way in terms of empowering women through a variety of dynamic, beloved female characters. Join authors Jen Williams (THE NINTH RAIN) GX Todd (DEFENDER) Justina Robson (KEEPING IT REAL) Ashley Poston (GEEKERELLA) Sam Maggs (WONDER WOMEN) Hope Nicholson (THE SECRET SISTERHOOD OF SPECTACULAR SUPERWOMEN) and Kim Curran (SHIFTER TRILOGY) as they discuss what makes a great female character in genre fiction. Saturday 27th of May
4:30pm – 5:45pm

It’s Clobbering Time – Fighting & Fantasy: Everyone loves a good fight, especially in fantasy, and the nastier the better. Join authors Ed McDonald (BLACKWING) RJ Barker (AGE OF ASSASSINS) Stephen Aryan (CHAOSMAGE) Nicholas Eames (KINGS OF THE WYLD), Ed Cox (THE RELIC GUILD TRILOGY) and Jen Williams (THE NINTH RAIN) as they talk about what it takes to write a great fight scene.
Sunday 28th of May
2:15pm – 3:30pm

3rd August – Fantasy in the Court, Goldsboro books
6pm to 9pm, join a big bunch of fantasy authors for a bit of a relaxed chat. 

5th August – Nine Worlds







30th August – Fantasy at the Phoenix






29th September – 1st October – Fantasycon

Friday 9pm – Join me for a reading from The Ninth Rain (or even The Bitter Twins?) along with readings from fellow fantasy bad-asses, Den Patrick and Lucy Hounsom

Plus, the following panels on Saturday:
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Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 11.30.51