Cake and Dragons: Launching The Copper Promise


launch2So on Wednesday we launched The Copper Promise at Forbidden Planet. There was birthday cake (for me and the book), an impromptu singsong, and a surprisingly large number of people, and I stumbled through the whole thing in a kind of dream state, I think. Only now am I starting to realise that this all really happened…

I got through the reading without any major cock-ups, drew increasingly wobbly dragons in books, and we sold out of all the signing stock. The very last copy was passed to me by the lovely Gillian Redfearn, with the casual comment of “This one’s for Joe Abercrombie.” I was operating on adrenaline fumes by that point, so lord knows what I wrote inside Joe Abercrombie’s copy – I just hope it made sense.

We then decamped to the pub.

launch9The rest of the evening was a pleasing blur, where I experienced the strange sensation of having almost everyone I knew in one room at the same time (without having to get married). I had the best time, you guys. The best time.

I owe a huge thanks to everyone who came along to celebrate The Copper Promise’s release – your support of me and the book means the world, and it’s not every day a debut author sells out at a signing. Thank you to the whole team at Forbidden Planet, who made a slightly terrified writer feel welcome and fed me biscuits in the back room, and thank to Headline’s Caitlin Raynor and her team, who supplied cake and kept me from having a nervous breakdown. Thanks also to my wonderful agent Juliet Mushens, whose unwavering support and invisible balloons (don’t ask) got me through it.

Now. The Copper Promise is out in the world, bringing a bit of old school sword and sorcery to your bookshelves. I hope you’ll join me for the next one.

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