A New Home for the Liar’s Club!


Having managed to successfully blog for an entire year, I have rewarded myself with my own little space on the web. Here I have more room to spread out, put stuff on other pages like some crazy glamorous person and have lovely clean backgrounds with lovely clear text… mmmmm. Texty.

It’s a little bit more personal while also, hopefully, being a wee bit more accessible. There’s a big page of links to stories I have up elsewhere, stories you can read for free without having to trawl through the blog for them, and a page for the Box Room podcast, which I’ll hopefully have new things to post about very soon.

And if you’re looking around, clicking on links and what ‘ave you, do leave me a comment so a) I know that bit works and b) you can tell me how cute the banner is.

Big thanks to the most excellent Marty for all the technical assistant and for harassing me into doing this in the first place. What a star!

2 thoughts on “A New Home for the Liar’s Club!

  1. Whooooo! First comment šŸ˜€ Nice one Matthew, I shall award you the Senny Dreadful Imaginary Badge of Excellence.

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