A Few of my Favourite Things


I am not an especially girly girl.

No, it’s alright, I’ll wait here while you pick yourself up off the floor. It’s a shock, I know.

I’m not a girly girl, at least not in terms of the media’s perception of what is girly, anyway. I have no interest in shoes, only the required minimum of interest in clothes (you do have to wear something when you leave the house, after all) and I never had a crush on a boyband member when I was a teenager (true story: in primary school we were all asked to name our favourite band or pop singer – pretty much everyone else said Michael Jackson or New Kids on the Block. I said Frank Sinatra. See? I was a hipster before hipsters were invented. How hipsterish is that?).

Anyway, the one slightly girly thing I do love is make-up. Make-up and smellies, as my mum would call them. I was pretty late to the cosmetics thing, remaining a tomboy until I was about 17, and then I discovered that make-up was sort of like painting your face and then I was well away. So for today’s blog I thought I would randomly list some cosmetics that I absolutely cannot do without, just to have one post that isn’t about writing or video games.

Geek Chic Cosmetics: Captain Tightpants eyeshadow

Really, how can you resist a set of eyeshadows named for Firefly characters? I got really overexcited when someone pointed out this site to me – geeky references and make-up? Heaven! All the eyeshadows I’ve ordered from here have been top quality, but Captain Tightpants is worth a special mention because it’s become my “everyday” shade – a lovely shimmering copper that goes with my hair. Plus it’s relatively cheap and you get loads of it.

Veil of Twilight perfume sampler box from Black Baccara

Tiny vials of perfume oils with fabulously gothic names. My favourites from this collection are Nosferatu, Raven and Boneyard – winsome, mysterious scents with a hint of the macabre. And when someone asks you what perfume you’re wearing there is a particular pleasure in giving them a sinister look and hissing, “Poisoned Pudding, if you must know!”

R&B from Lush

Hair conditioner of the gods. The only stuff that has ever successfully tamed the frizz puff that is my hair, R&B is also amazingly good value – you only need a tiny bit rubbed into your fingers to sort out your barnet, so the big black pot lasts forever. I take it with me in my bag everywhere. Oh, and it smells lovely too, all fruity and creamy.

BAD Gal eye pencil by Benefit

This is my one big indulgence. Lord knows I can’t afford anything else from Benefit but this kohl pencil is worth the investment. Chunky and smoky, the line is such a lovely deep black, I’ve never found another pencil to rival it. Plus it actually stays put most of the time, instead of migrating down your cheek somewhere (you will notice that the one in the picture is now worn down to a nubbin). 

Vaseline pot

Essential thingy! Like my kindle, this is never more than six feet away from me at any time. Sorts out dry skin, chapped lips, vanishes make-up mistakes, looks vaguely suspicious in your handbag… my mum recently gave me a Vaseline gift set, such is my dedication to the small greasy pots.

Anyone else have any cosmetic essentials? There’s always room in my handbag for more…


9 thoughts on “A Few of my Favourite Things

  1. I still don’t wear a lot of makeup, either, but when I found Geek Chic via a glamor boy friend freaking out over the new Babylon 5 colors, I lost my mind and bought the whole collection. Lots of great shades but for everyday (it is so strange that I *have* an everyday) I do Would You Prefer Ferrets as sorta eyeliner with Universal Destiny on the lids, aka deep green and coppery peach. The collection came with a “joystick” (lipstick) called Chrysalis that I thought would be ridiculous on me but actually looks kind of nice, but that’s just for nights I go “out”.I’ve been addicted to the products of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab (BPAL) for years. I think they must be similar to Black Baccara. My favorites are their Alice in Wonderland scents, especially Mad Hatter, which smells just enough like WD40 to make me happy. Shut up.Interestingly, though I live in almost the dryest climate possible, I’ve gotten to skip moisturizer since I started getting treated for really bad rosacea (like total strangers walking up to me and lecturing me about sunscreen bad): the prescription goop I have for it hydrates mah face pretty well.I never thought about it for vanishing makeup mistakes though. And I am a makeup newb, so I make a lot of them. SEN YOU ARE THE BEST!

  2. My eyeliners from Urban Decay and their super curl mascara. Dallas bronzer/blush from Benefit and any lip gloss. Thats everyday stuff i cant live without.

  3. @Kate: I just ordered Would You Prefer Ferrets! So excited to get it, it’s such a lovely dark glittery green. I will be finding every excuse to wear that. 😀 I investigated BPAL a couple of years ago but at the time they didn’t deliver to the UK… I shall have to have another look. @Erin: I have often admired the Urban Decay stand at Boots. Looks like quality stuff.

  4. Errr…. How did I not know that there was FIREFLY MAKEUP?! *orders everything* Excellent post. I don’t wear make up a lot but when I do I like the makeup is art thing. I recommend maybelline BB cream. Superlight moisturising SPF protecting foundationy thing. And I second the Urban Decay eyeliners – glittery gothness. ooh and the maybelline lip stain thing. Like a felt pen for lips – awesome. I use the bad girl eye liner too – a remnant from a shopping spree in Sephora in the States.

  5. I don’t know why I didn’t do this post ages ago – I now have so many new things to look for!@Helen: Firefly make-up, and Babylon 5 make-up, and Game of Thrones make-up… I may as well just give them all my money now, to be honest.

  6. Yay, a non-girly girly post, I like! With you on the Badgal and Vaseline thing. Haven’t tried the other stuff. But how the hell do you sharpen the badgal pencil? it’s too fat for a sharpener! And Vaseline is briliiant not only for lips but dry elbows, cuticles, cheek/brows and best of all hurty shoes. I swear by l’oreal mineral foundation (so easy, matches skin perfectly, covers well, not greasy so no need for powder and it lasts for ages), batiste dry shampoo (otherwise I’d have to wash and style my hair daily, this freezes time) and 24 hour lipstick (no smears on cups and cutlery and don’t have to keep reapplying it). I get the whole toolkit out only when there’s a special occasion.

  7. Interesting. Thanks for the tips. I will try the pencil and the R&B hair tamer. I am also a Vaseline fan. It comes in handy for all sorts of things! My must haves are Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish which I have used for years and have never found anything better in any price range. I am also a fan of L’occitane products. Never go out the house without lipstick. I have rather a lot of them!!! Enjoyed the blog thanks.

  8. @Fran – I did eventually track down an eye-pencil sharpener with a big enough hole (ahem) for the Bad Gal pencil, but it took some finding. Back in the day I used to sharpen it with the same scalpel I used to keep my drawing pencils in shape…

  9. Late to the party, but Steam Cream is a fantastic all-round moisturiser. Perfect because you need only a very small amount, it goes straight in without leaving tons of residue, and *works*.Also, funky tins. http://steamcream.co.uk/

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