A Day of Audio Awesome: Space Danger! The Audio Book & An American Gods Discussion

Join the Space Navy. Life expectancy is debatable but the perks are minimal. The crew of HMSS Monstro have been given a mission, a very BIG mission. If they could only get around to it then the galaxy might be a safer place to live. Safer and, quite importantly, still existing. Now wash your hands please.

As you may or may not know, my lovely boyfriend Marty has been writing a series of pulp space opera novellas under the name of Douglas Strider. Marty is very funny (a lot funnier than me, annoyingly) and Space Danger! The Deadly Planet of Death is a space-riot; it’s a Hitch-Hiker’s flavoured Dan Dare with a side garnish of Robert Rankin.

The marvellous news is that the fab people at Spokenworld Audio have recorded an audio version of the first part, read by excellent voice actor and Doctor Who legend, Barnaby Edwards. I know right? All of the amaze balls.

And it is genuinely brilliant. I’ve been giggling at it like a loon. If you would like to have a listen to a snippet (and possibly snap up a copy) pop over here and get your ear’oles on the job.

In other audio news, I appeared as a guest on the Scrolls Book Group podcast a few weeks ago, when they were discussing one of my favourite books of all time, American Gods by Neil Gaiman. I had so much fun recording this, and I actually feel like I understand the book better (these people are really very clever) so do pop over and have a listen. Unless you haven’t read the book, because hello?! Spoilers sweetie.

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