A Brief Sentimental Post on Finishing a First Draft


Ephemeral is ready to melt your faces!

So I reached STAGE SEVEN with the third book yesterday – which is to say I finished the first draft. I tend to find the last few chapters difficult (they always take much longer than I think they will, for a start) so this weekend was one big writing sprint fuelled by chocolate, chocolate ice-cream, tea and eventually, mead. I typed THE END through a haze of honey wine and tears, and it has to be said I’m fairly glad no one was there to witness the sobbing mess I was by that point.

That’s not to say that the end is necessarily sad (I can’t comment either way in that regard because SPOILERLZ etc) but it was a very emotional moment to bring closure to a series I’ve devoted years of my life to, and to characters who are as close as family to me now.

Now there is an actual shit-ton (the correct technical term, I believe) of work to do, and I’m very much looking forward to editing the living heck out of final volume of the Copper Cat trilogy, until it is the best possible thing it can be. There will be more tears before I’m done, no doubt, and more mead.

For the moment though I will take a brief break to poke the sodden goo that is my brain back into working order, and to come to terms with the fact I’ve now got the bones of an actual trilogy on my hands. Crazy times.

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